A gentle turn is all that is needed!

No washers. No drips. Water pressure assisted operation.

The World’s Easiest Outdoor Water System

The all new patented Ox Controls™ Technology provides a lifetime of easy turn taps and hand-held sprays that are drip free, environmentally friendly and of great assistance for arthritic and elderly people.

Easy Turn

A gentle turn is all that is needed! Patented ergonomic and effort free operation. Ideal for those with arthritis with diminished hand strength.

Environmentally Friendly

No more drips, no more wastage. Decrease water wastage by eliminating drips and leaks.

Easy Control System

With water presure assistance. So easy to turn on and off with our patented ergonomic and effort free operation.

Five Year Guarantee

Tough, strong and reliable. UV resistant, high-quality materials certified by Watermark and backed with a five-year guarantee.

Ease of Use Approved.

The Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Commendation recognizes products proven to make life easier for people who have arthritis and other physical limitations. Independently tested by experts and evaluated by people with arthritis, Ease of Use products are easy to use by everyone!

Our Featured Products

Each product is carefully engineered for ease of use, simple operation, and with our easy living ethos in mind. We do this by using the patented Ox Controls™ water control technology to provide a lifetime of easy operation.

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EverEasy Instructional Video

EverEasy Instructional Video

Director Malcolm Purcell walks us through the benefits and installation of the EverEasy Tap and Hand Spray. Replace old taps that are leaking with the EverEasy non-leaking tap. The EverEasy range has been designed to be finger-touch easy to turn on and off, perfect...

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We work with many partners to bring our technology to your hands. We believe in working together and working for the benefit of our community as a whole.

“This is extremely easy”

Ease of Use Tester

“I like the changing of the nozzle. You don’t have to exert a lot of pressure to put it on the hose.”

Ease of Use Tester

“Turning [my old spigot] off was hard because the pressure is already there and I end up with a good shower.”

Ease of Use Tester

“Very easy to turn it. The indented place lets your finger fit in comfortable and it helps you move the nozzle.”

Ease of Use Tester

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